M&C Tech

We always design with everyday life in mind, and that thoughtfulness is evident with our keen attention to detail and comfort. Our technical and design teams judiciously select the finest leathers to ensure that each shoe is just as pleasant on your foot as it is to the eye, and that when tried on, it becomes exactly the shoe you were looking for.

The Float System 

We know that most leather footwear isn’t comfortable enough to wear on long days, but we didn’t want that to be the case with our products. So we set out to create an insole that would be able to mitigate these issues, and thus the Float System was created. 

The Float System is our most innovative insole yet. This 100% breathable and flexible insole uses our Impulse Float System technology, which provides anti-fatigue support by absorbing the impact of every step and continuing to adapt to your foot with each wear.

The Flex Line

The Flex Line is a handcrafted process that allows for our leather uppers to form to your foot like a glove. Like our Float System insoles, the Flex Line is also 100% breathable and flexible.